A Dream Come True:
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My ride with Vlado Lenoch in Race #51,
~Moonbeam McSwine~
"Faster than the average jackrabbit..."

The acceleration of the Mustang is nothing short awesome.  As Vlado stood on the brakes and started the run-up to takeoff power, the Mustang roared fiercely and shook with anticipation, eagerness and spirit of it's own.  Upon releasing the brakes, I found myself thoroughly planted back into the seat.  But it didn't stop there as the plane kept accelerating hard well after lift off and the gear had been retracted.
Staying low after the initial takeoff, Vlado hugged the race course past home pylon and around pylons 1 and 2 before climbing as we headed north to the playground in the sky.  The ground literaly dropped away below us as we ascended to 10,000 ft in a matter of moments.

I also received a lesson in physics as Vlado performed high-G turns while I tried to snap pictures with a camera that suddenly weighed about 35lbs. 

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