A Dream Come True:
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My ride with Vlado Lenoch in Race #51,
~Moonbeam McSwine~
"Faster than the average jackrabbit..."

Prior to landing, Vlado lined up on the runway and we did a high speed pass down the show line, pealed left and circled around the pattern to set up for final approach. 

After setting down  without so much as a bounce, Vlado opened the canopy and  the cool air from the propwash filled the cockpit as we taxied back up to the race pit area where the crew was awaiting our return. 

As I climbed out I was greeted by Wayne and the staff at AAFO.com who welcomed me back, though Wayne insists that I still haven't really returned to earth.  He is right of course.

It is true, all good things must come to an end. 

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