A Dream Come True:
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My ride with Vlado Lenoch in Race #51,
~Moonbeam McSwine~
"Faster than the average jackrabbit..."

I would like to extend a very sincere thanks to Vlado Lenoch for making this dream a reality.   I also applaud the crew, who continue to keep the plane in pristine shape.  And although we didn't get a chance to see Moonbeam gracing the pylons during the weekend, it won't soon be forgotten. 

Thanks are also extended to Wayne at AAFO.com  for setting the ride up and, in essence, giving up what was rightfully his spin in Moonbeam.  Wayne, you and your staff were great and made Reno one of the most memorable events.



Special thanks to Wayne at AAFO.com for making this dream a reality. 
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