A Dream Come True:
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My ride with Vlado Lenoch in Race #51,
~Moonbeam McSwine~
"Faster than the average jackrabbit..."

Life imitates art....

North of Stead airport and the race course is a dry lake bed.  We descended and went chasing jackrabbits as Vlado demonstrated what it is like to fly at race altitude.  At 350+ mph and 50 feet above the ground with the sage brush zipping past the adrenaline was definitely kicking in.  "I think we just scared the crap out of a couple cows" says Vlado, as a couple black and brown blurs streaked past.  "Oh, that's what those were" I replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Suddenly, the plane pulls up slightly and rolls into a hard left hand turn as Vlado keys the intercom again: "There are a couple T6s.  Lets go get them!"  The two T6's were in tight formation about 100 ft off the deck.  I thought "cool, we are going to do some formation flying" as we blasting by them in a mock strafing run.  Nope, that was even better!

We then climbed out of the lake bed and headed for home.

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